Birthday Boarding: Opening Weekend @ Copper

I don’t think I have EVER been snowboarding ON my birthday before!  It doesn’t seem quite right since November makes it totally possible, but I really don’t think I ever have.  I know what all you August-Born people are thinking (“must be nice”).

Birthday Boarding at Copper

After last years fiasco at Keystone on opening weekend, Jess and I pretty much said “never again” to the weekend-super-early-one-(icy-man-made)-run-one-lift thing, but seeing as it was my birthday, we made an exception.

The key to survival?
Go late!  Seriously, it seems counter-intuitive (the early bird gets the worm) but at this point in the season, it’s not a frickin powder day, and everyone else is so amped up to ski/ride that they are there at the opening bell… and subsequently done by noon.

We rolled in at a comfortable 1130 (partly because Jess was feeling a bit ill) and by the time I grabbed some lunch and hopped on the lift, the numbers were slowly dwindling and by two-thirty there was zero wait in the singles line.

On top of the crowds, showing up late and letting the run get a little chewed up and warmed up can have its benefits.  Sure the first 10 people will get some nice untracked corduroy, but after that its just super-packed base making material.  Stick to the edges or some areas in the very middle and you can find the best stuff later in the day.

Now… snow is looking to come back to the western US possibly next weekend, so maybe this early season one run stuff is on its way out!